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Death toll in Philippines from Typhoon Rai rises to 144: local officials******

The death toll from Typhoon Rai that battered the Philippines this week has climbed to at least 144, local officials said on Sunday.。

Bohol province in the central Philippines is the worst-hit with 72 deaths, while Negros Occidental reported 18, Cebu 16, Dinagat Islands 10, Southern Leyte six, among others.。

The number of deaths is likely to rise as local officials gather data from the field.。

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) has yet to update its death tally after saying on Saturday night it had received reports of 31 deaths in central and southern Philippines due to Rai.。

Communications are still down in typhoon-ravaged areas, making it difficult for the NDRRMC to contact its regional and provincial agencies.。

Bohol Governor Arthur Yap said his province has tallied 72 deaths as reports trickle in from the field.。

"Presently, communications are still down. The signal is intermittent," Yap said, adding that the central Philippine province is still without electricity. He said it might take up to three weeks to restore power in the province.。

Yap appealed to fuel suppliers to triple the deliveries of gasoline and fuel, saying the province is dependent on generator sets.。

He said the residents of some hardest-hit towns are asking for food and water. More chainsaws are also needed to clear fallen trees and debris. "Many of the smaller roads are still not passable," he added.。

On Sunday, the police posted a video about rescuing 26 people, including nine minors and nine elderly, trapped on a tree for hours in Negros Occidental province.。

President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the speedy delivery of food, water, and necessary items such as tents and tarps to the typhoon victims after visiting the affected areas by aircraft.。

He also ordered the military and the Philippine Coast Guard to send boats and ships to augment the immediate delivery of needed supplies.。

The military will send medical teams onboard two Navy ships to augment the health personnel in Siargao and Dinagat Islands, Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles said.。

Typhoon Rai made landfall on the Siargao Island on Thursday afternoon. It was blowing maximum winds of 195 km per hour and with gusts of up to 240 km per hour when it slammed into the island in Surigao del Norte province.。

The typhoon swelled rivers and flooded low-lying areas while cutting through towns and villages in the central Philippines and the northern Mindanao in the southern part of the country.。

The NDRRMC said Rai affected more than 700,000 people in nine regions, caused power outages, damaged buildings and houses in these areas. The government is still assessing the typhoon's damage to crops and infrastructure.。

The Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, mainly due to its location along the Pacific Ring of Fire and Pacific typhoon belt. On average, this archipelagic country experiences 20 typhoons every year, some of which are intense and destructive.。

The World Bank said natural disasters have killed 33,000 Filipinos in the past 30 years, affecting 120 million people.。



  华商报新闻记者 毛蜜娜。



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3 Ecuador climbers die in avalanche on volcano******


Police officers takes part in a rescue operation on the Chimborazo volcano.

An avalanche on a snow-capped Ecuadoran volcano, the highest peak in the country, on Sunday killed at least three climbers and left three others missing, officials reported.

The avalanche struck a group of 16 mountaineers while at an altitude of 6,100 meters on the dormant Chimborazo volcano, according to responders.

"There are three missing mountaineers, three dead, three injured and seven rescued, out of a total of 16 people," Quito firefighters, who provided emergency support, said in a statement.

A previous report from the country's ECU911 security service had said four climbers had died and one was injured.

Authorities did not identify the climbers or their nationalities, but the Quito newspaper El Comercio reported that all were Ecuadoran.

The avalanche was spurred by "weather conditions" and was not caused by any volcanic activity, firefighters said.

Rescuers as well as police and military personnel specializing in high-elevation operations set up a command center at Chimborazo to coordinate search-and-rescue operations.

The volcano, which rises 6,200 meters high, is covered in snow and glaciers year-round and is located about 130 kilometers south of Quito.

Chimborazo attracts both Ecuadoran and foreign climbers. The towns of Riobamba and Ambato lie at its base.

Ecuador's Environment Ministry temporarily closed the surrounding Chimborazo nature reserve, which is popular with tourists.

全新雷蛇猎魂光蛛 V2 上手:可以忽略的超低延迟,也变得更安静了******摘要



今年二月份的时候,雷蛇正式推出了猎魂光蛛 V2 模拟光轴键盘,在这套轴体的支持下,它能够提供非常精确的游戏反馈。时隔差不多半年多之后,前段时间雷蛇又带来了全新雷蛇猎魂光蛛 V2,新品在轴体、键帽、回报率以及静音效果等很多方面都做了升级。

如果你熟悉雷蛇猎魂光蛛系列,那么对于全新雷蛇猎魂光蛛 V2 应该也不会感到陌生。大的外观方面,它依旧延续了家族式设计风格。个人而言,黑色键盘的好处不只是视觉效果上比较容易和其它桌面设备进行搭配,更重要的一点是长时间使用更方便保持清洁感。

说到长期使用过程中的键盘清洁性,这代雷蛇猎魂光蛛 V2 好的一点,是它同样采用了双色注塑 PBT 键帽,这种键帽的好处大家也都知道,相比 ABS 材质键帽,坚固性以及耐磨性都要来得更好一些。此外,你也无需担心会出现按键表面字符褪色的情况。

猎魂光蛛系列很有标志性地方,或者说能让你一眼就可以认出的点,其实就是位于数字键区上方的多功能数字旋钮和 4 枚多媒体按键,借助这几枚按键可以很方便地控制音乐播放、暂停以及调节音量。无聊的时候,可以用那枚多功能数字旋钮来打发时间。

细节处理以及选材用料也很讲究。全新猎魂光蛛 V2 多功能数字旋钮外围做了密集菱形凸起,能一定程度上增加表面摩擦,以免因为手指出汗影响到操控准确性。材质则为铝制框架,并且周身均做了亮面切边处理,有着不错坚固性的同时也更加精致。

这代猎魂光蛛 V2 系列包含标准版和竞技版两个版本,我们手里拿到的标准版为固定线缆设计,竞技版则为可拔插 USB-C 线缆。这种编织材质线缆实际用起来比较省心,几乎不会出现打结的问题,也不会因为环境温度逐渐开始降低,而显得过于硬邦邦。

更有吸引力的地方,当然还是操控性有了比较明显的升级。在全新猎魂光蛛 V2 上,雷蛇为其用到了第二代光轴,提供线性光轴和段落光轴两种选项。由于光轴采用红外线光束激活轴体信号,能让键盘将延迟控制得更低,并且按键耐用性也更好。

官方称,配合雷蛇自家 Razer HyperPolling 8000Hz 超快轮询技术,这代产品能将延迟压低到 0.2 毫秒,而大多数常规机械键盘的延迟都在 2 毫秒以上,在玩一些要求极致操作的游戏时,能给出更及时的反馈。实际用起来,线性光轴和段落光轴之间的区别主要表现在敲击感上。


其它之前很多雷蛇键盘都有的一些功能,全新猎魂光蛛 V2 也都没有落下。比如,它同样搭载了 Razer Chroma 幻彩 RGB 灯光系统,可以根据自己的喜好在 Synapse 雷云 3 软件中自定义设置;最多支持 5 个板载内存配置文件,方便下次使用;依旧具备 N 键无冲能力。

和之前一样,全新猎魂光蛛 V2 当然也匹配有独立腕托,腕托表面为皮革材质,实际摸上去手感比较柔软,能为手腕提供很好支撑。腕托和键盘之间还是大家熟悉的磁吸连接,不过这次雷蛇没有在键盘下端设置金属触点,腕托本身也没有配备灯带装饰。

全新雷蛇猎魂光蛛 V2 底部一共做了 6 个橡胶材质垫脚,即便你习惯像我这样直接将键盘放到桌面上使用,也不必担心会出现打滑的问题。此外,这款键盘也做了两档不同角度的支脚,根据自己认为最舒适的角度调节就好。

总的来说,这代猎魂光蛛 V2 变得更好用了。它的好用可以从两个方面来看,一方面是性能更强,0.2 毫秒的超低延迟控制,是很多其它同价位段竞品所无法提供的,能带来实实在在的操控性提升;另外一方面则是使用感受,安静且舒服的敲击感,用起来非常舒服。

最后,线性光轴和段落光轴版本猎魂光蛛 V2 价格一样,均为 1599 元,至于如何选择,就看个人喜好了。另外, 如果你更倾向于能带着出差的键盘,建议考虑下全新猎魂光蛛 V2 竞技版,除了线缆支持拆卸,个头相对标准版也要来得更小一些。

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全新雷蛇猎魂光蛛 V2雷蛇猎魂光蛛雷蛇键盘机械键盘

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