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Feature: Adventure of a silver bracelet******

by Xinhua writer Zheng Minghong。

GUIYANG, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- A silver bracelet has made its way across China after traveling from a Miao ethnic town in the southwestern province of Guizhou to northernmost Inner Mongolia.。

The bracelet came from the "silver street" of Kaili city. There are nearly 100 silversmith shops along the street. Ethnic silver ornaments produced there, such as netsukes, necklaces and bracelets, are popular among tourists.。

Zhang Yongfu, a silversmith in his 40s, melted a silver bar and poured it into a mold. When it cooled down, he forged, carved and polished it. About six hours, a glamourous bracelet weighing 80 grams was "created."

Instead of being put on a display window, it was immediately packaged in a gift box and handed to a deliveryman. It will be the farthest distance traveled by any product in Zhang's shop.。

The bracelet's journey actually began in a livestreaming studio a few days back. Zhang, son of a Miao silversmith family, showcased his skills in front of a smartphone screen while his business partner was promoting his products.。

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and plummeting tourists, silversmiths had to find a way to sell their products. The fast-growing livestreaming e-commerce was a solution.。

Pan Xue, a Miao girl, born in 1997, was his apprentice who was tech-savvy enough to teach him video-filming skills and livestreaming with his traditional ornaments.。

Zhang and Pan sometimes appeared together to present exquisite ornaments during livestreaming or in short videos.。

They received more than 500 orders worth 115,680 yuan (about 18,000 U.S. dollars) within two months in the spring of 2020.。

Other silversmiths were inspired. Zhang even became a fan of livestreaming and started video shooting himself. He has become used to livestreaming consistently almost every day and trying to be creative because he knows his "followers" would drop by his online studio to say hi.。

This September, his income totaled more than 48,000 yuan, equivalent to his income for half a year in the past.。

Not long ago, he took a lease on a new storefront not far from his shop and hired two more silversmiths to deal with online orders.。

Zhang started learning from his uncle at 13 years old. Miao men usually do silverwork to support their families during the slack season in farming in winter. But thanks to e-commerce, there is no slack season for the silver business.。

"Miao people have a long history of wearing silver ornaments. They are not just pretty, but also our cultural symbols. I'm glad to see more and more customers all over the country like our ornaments," Zhang said. Enditem。









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Arsenal move to fourth after beating West Ham in Premier League******

LONDON, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- Arsenal temporarily moved into fourth place in the Premier League after a 2-0 win at home to West Ham.。

Even though Arsenal had dropped Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, after stripping him of the captaincy, they were impressive in victory with goals from Gabriel Martinelli and Emile Smith Rowe.。

Alexander Lacazette was given the captain's armband and also missed a penalty after Vladimir Coufal was sent off for a second yellow card, but Smith Rowe's late goal assured the win.。

Romain Saiss's goal in first-half injury time gave Wolves a 1-0 win away to Brighton, whose winless run stretched to 11 games thanks mainly to their inability to take their chances.。

Southampton took a valuable point from their visit to Crystal Palace with a 2-2 draw with Wilfred Zaha and Jordan Ayew netting for the home side, while James Ward Prowse and Armando Broja (netted for the visitors in which both sides had chances to take all three points.。

Manchester City remain leaders after Tuesday night's 7-0 thrashing of Leeds United in the Ethiad Stadium to make it seven consecutive Premier League wins to equal Liverpool's 1982 record of 32 league wins in a calendar year.。

Phil Foden, Jack Grealish and Kevin de Bruyne, who scored twice, were all on target as City tore Leeds United apart.。

Steven Gerrard's Aston Villa continue their impressive recent form with a 2-0 win away to Norwich to frustrate Dean Smith's hopes of a quick revenge on the club that sacked him just a month ago.。

Ollie Watkins and Jacob Ramsey scored the goals as Villa took a comfortable win in Carrow Road. Enditem。

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