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Feature: Lewandowski answers Messi chants with a new goal record******

By Oliver Trust。

BERLIN, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- Robert Lewandowski's ability to concentrate on the point seems at a similarly high level as his goal-scoring skills.。

Only days after the disappointing outcome of the 2021 Ballon d'Or award, the 33-year-old turned into the man of the match in the German Clasico.。

The Pole not only scored two decisive goals, his 15th and 16th this season, after only 14 rounds of matches, but delivered a masterpiece of fighting spirit.。

It was Lewandowski, who made Bayern win the delicate and nail-biting duel against Borussia Dortmund by 3-2.。

"I saw him in the 97th minute clearing a ball with enormous effort near our box. That might tell the story," Julian Nagelsmann said. The Bayern coach added: "We saw the world's best player and an outstanding striker."

Having lost the Ballon d'Or vote narrowly to Argentine star Lionel Messi, the Bayern striker in a thrilling game proved his top-class on all levels professional sport requires.。

Over most of the 101 minutes, including ten minutes extra time due to injury interruptions, the Bayern striker must have heard the chants from the stands. Dortmund's fans praised Paris striker Messi, trying to disturb the Ballon d'Or' runner-up.。

Lewandowski's on-pitch answers not only impressed his coach but the German record international Lothar Matthaus.。

"He is my man of the match," the 60-year-old TV pundit said. "His attitude is fantastic. He not only cares for the team but keeps on scoring goals," Matthaus added.。

"We are still shocked by the decision in Paris as we stick to our opinion, Robert deserved the award," Bayern CEO Oliver Kahn said.。

The Bayern striker set a new national league record by scoring his 118th away goal. He scored 22 league goals (in 15 games) and 26 in all competitions against his former club Dortmund.。

Last season the Pole with 41 goals outpaced the nearly 50-year-old record of German striker legend Gerd Muller of 40 season goals scored in 1972.。

While Dortmund's upset fans blamed referee Felix Zwayer, for deliberately pointing at the penalty spot, the Bavarian's forward scored the winning goal being booed by most of the 15,000 fans in the Dortmund arena.。

German international Mats Hummels cleared the ball with his elbow in the 78th minute. A doubtful decision as Dortmund claims. While fans' protests grew and Dortmund coach Marco Rose saw the red card, Lewandowski kept his nerves together scoring the winning goal.。

In Dortmund, the forward turned into Bayern's Mr. Ice-cold.。

"Sadly, we talk about penalties or possible penalties after a demonstration of outstanding football," Matthaus said.。

Lewandowski until the final whistle kept Dortmund's wavering defense busy, forcing several players into defending actions at the same time.。

"As we saw, the Messi chants and a lot of other comments, I better don't mention, didn't disturb him but triggered additional motivation. He gave the right answer on the pitch," Nagelsmann said.。

The Bayern coach must have felt vindicated as he predicted, the "team dealing better with the opponent top-scorer might win the game." Lewandowski's Dortmund counterpart Erling Haaland only scored once. Enditem。


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China coach Li urges team to "fight for every ball" in WC qualifier******

SHARJAH, UAE, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- China's national team head coach Li Tie has urged his players to "fight for every ball" in their upcoming World Cup qualifier against Australia.。

"We have overcome many obstacles to reach the final round of the qualifying tournament, therefore we cherish every game," Li told the pre-match press conference on Monday.。

"After five games, the team is getting better and better, while all the players are concentrated. I hope the players can do their best to play tomorrow's game well," he added.。

Australia beat China 3-0 in style when they met in Doha for the first time in the final round of the Asian World Cup qualifiers in September.。

"It was a high-tempo game that my players barely experienced before. Now they are getting used to the tempo. I told my players they must play better than the first leg and fight for every ball to create more difficulties for the opponents," Li said.。

China now ranks fifth in the six-team group with four points from five games, while Australia sits second with ten points. Li's team has to beat the Australians to keep their World Cup dream alive.。

"There is no doubt that the Australian team is better than us, as many of their players are based in European leagues. But nothing is impossible on the pitch, it's important that we have confidence in ourselves and never give up," Li added.。

Australian defender Harry Souttar will miss Tuesday's match due to injury, but the Socceroos head coach Graham Arnold said he doesn't worry about the team's defense.。

"It's a loss for our team because Souttar is a big central defender, but we still have some quality players. Millos Degenek is very experienced player, he played many European Champions League football, we expect he will have good performance," said Arnold.。

"We want to have good performance and look forward to winning the match," he added. Enditem。

Political advisors discuss comprehensive competitiveness of foreign trade******

BEIJING, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- Chinese political advisors have discussed measures to promote the comprehensive competitiveness of foreign trade at a consultation session in Beijing.。

The biweekly session was held by the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China's top political advisory body. Wang Yang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, presided over the session recently.。

Based on the strategy to pursue a new development pattern, reforms should take place in foreign trade quality, structure, efficiency and institutions to achieve more sustainable development with higher quality and better security, Wang said.。

Eleven political advisors and experts offered their proposals at the session, and over 50 political advisors voiced their opinions via a mobile platform.。

They acknowledged China's progress in foreign trade, adding that uncertainties and challenges have increased due to profound and complex changes at home and abroad.。

However, China's foreign trade still has strong competitive edges, and the long-term development trend of steady quantity and rising quality has not changed, they said.。

They called for an in-depth study on the impact of COVID-19, changes in international supply chains, rising commodity prices, and difficulties in international logistics, suggesting better policies to support foreign trade, including helping alleviate the financing difficulties of small businesses. Enditem。




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