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Economic Watch: UK business leaders confident in resilience, vitality of Chinese economy******

by Xinhua writer Sun Xiaoling

LONDON, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- Giant consumption driven by middle class, steady economic growth even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, big green investment collaboration under mutual desire for the planet ... These are among the reasons given by British business leaders for their confidence in resilience and vitality of the Chinese economy.

To reduce the impact of the pandemic, British luxury brand Rapport London shifted its focus to digital economy, seeing a strong double-digit percentage growth in its online business across the world, especially in the booming online market of China.

"The Chinese market is set to become the largest luxury market by 2025, and we want to be a part of this growth," said Oliver Rapport, CEO of Rapport London, in a recent interview with Xinhua.

"The importance of the Chinese market is paramount," said Rapport, adding that the luxury goods market in the Chinese mainland saw a significant boost in consumer spending in 2020 and is expected to grow continuously into the year of 2025.

Since his company has set up online stores on Chinese e-commerce platforms, including WeChat Mini-Programs and Alibaba, Rapport said he plans to open offline stores in collaboration with Chinese partners.

Founded in 1972, a London-based market research company Mintel tracked consumer spending across 34 markets worldwide.

"We're seeing a real confidence from a lot of reports that Mintel published in consumer spending going forward," said Matthew Nelson, newly appointed global CEO of Mintel, told Xinhua.

Nelson said the Chinese economy will see a continuous growth in 2021, which has been "driven on the back of the initiatives of technological self-reliance, lifting the living standard, social security, as well as the green economy."

Having taken a closer look at the latest trends in Chinese domestic spending, Nelson said: "We've really been looking as a business at consumers in lower tier cities. Really, they're providing big growth opportunities for brands that enter into that market with increased purchasing power, and as well as a closer alignment to some of the values that are coming along with those brands."

"I mean, any global brand, whether it's Mintel, market intelligence, or whether it's automotive, retail, food and beverage, if you're a global brand, you should definitely have a focus on China," Nelson added.

John McLean, newly appointed chair of the Institute of Directors (IoD) for the City of London, told Xinhua as Britain has left the European Union, it needs to look East.

McLean noted that the emerging middle class in China is attractive to British enterprises.

McLean said things are set to change as tourism resumes with improvements not only in economic cooperation but also in terms of bilateral understanding.

"I strongly believe that in a post-COVID era, China again will be that engine," he said, adding that Britain and China will find a way forward as businesses look for a long-term goal.

China is "wonderful and brilliant" on its carbon emission commitments and the City of London looks forward to continuing strong relationship and strengthening green collaboration with Chinese partners, said William Russell, lord mayor of the City of London.

"It's very important to strengthen the collaboration between the two sides," the mayor told Xinhua in a recent video interview. "One of the areas that we're very keen to strengthen is around green finance."

Talking about the collaboration with Chinese partners in green finance, Russell said, "I think China has made great progress, and it's moving very fast, and we will continue to work with China to help with that progress."

The China International Import Expo (CIIE) has given great access to many Scottish businesses to learn about the Chinese market, and it really has been "an eye-opening experience" for them, Kevin Liu, senior China representative for Scottish Development International (SDI), told Xinhua in a recent interview.

The SDI, Scotland's trade and foreign direct investment agency, will attend the 4th CIIE in eastern Chinese city Shanghai, which is just around half a month away for the second year running.

Speaking of China's recovery from the COVID-19 hit, Liu said, "You're seeing the strength of the rebound of the Chinese retail market, especially the role that e-commerce played in helping ensure that goods and services are still moving across as a fast market."

"The fact (is) that China's domestic market is still so resilient despite numerous external and internal shocks," said Liu. "I think China's market would become even more important, not only for Scotland, but also the rest of the world." Enditem

Flyme 9.2新版本11月推送 搭载长辈亲情设计******

10月14日,Flyme官方宣布,魅族 17 系列、18 系列、18s 系列、18X 机型将会在11月正式推送搭载长辈亲情设计的 Flyme 9.2 系统。

搭载长辈亲情设计的 Flyme 9.2 系统针对长辈用机进行了特别优化,增加全局超大字体、增大点击区域、高对比度色彩特别功能,长辈使用更加简单直观。

Flyme官方表示,自 Flyme 4 的超大字体简易模式推出以来,每一次系统更新,都在为长辈更自如的用机体验不断努力,Flyme 已率先完成手机系统全局适老化适配。

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  6日全省阴雨天,绝大多数地区发生降雨,陕北高原北边以雪为主导,在其中陕北高原北边一部分地区发生中雪,横山.榆林市.定边发生下雪,别的地域为雨转雨夹雪或雪。6日6时-7日6时全省共97个县区 684 个环境监测中心发生降雨,在其中143个环境监测中心发生 10mm之上降雨,较大紫阳县苗河29.8mm。截止到7日6时全省有71个区县最低温度在0℃下列:陕北高原大部分-12~-4℃,最少靖边县-11.8℃,降低8~15℃;陕西关中大部分-8~1℃,西安市区0.3℃,降低10~15℃;陕南大部分-2~5℃,降低9~14℃。7日5时横山有8公分积雪,榆林市有5公分积雪,洛川及绥德均为2 公分积雪。全省多地发生17.2~38.6 米/秒的大风,商南.镇巴.丹凤.镇安.略阳等地发生雹子。


  8-16 日全省以晴到多云气温为主导。





The longest lunar eclipse this century will happen early Friday morning. Here's how to see it.。

The longest lunar eclipse of this century is coming this week.。


On Friday, Earth will pass between the sun and moon, casting a shadow over the latter. The eclipse will peak just after 4 a.m. Eastern Time, when our planet will hide 97% of the full moon from the sun's light, giving the moon a reddish hue.。

本周五,地球上将在太阳光和月亮中间通过,并在月球投过下黑影。月偏食将美国东部时间零晨 4 点以后做到巅峰,到时候我们的星球将把 97% 的小孩满月从自然光中掩藏起來,使月亮展现微红色。

According to NASA, the partial lunar eclipse will last 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 23 seconds — longer than any other eclipse between 2001 and 2100.。

据美国nasa称,月偏食将不断 3 钟头 28 分 23 秒——比 2001 年至 2100 年里的所有别的月食都需要长。

For the upcoming eclipse, sky watchers in North America have the best seats in the house. People in all 50 US states, Canada, and Mexico can watch the full event.。

针对即将来临的月偏食,北美地区的摄友有着最好是的检测地址。英国全部 50 个州、澳大利亚和比利时的大家都能够观察到完全的月偏食全过程。

You won't need a telescope or binoculars — simply go outside and look up at the sky any time between 2:19 a.m. and 5:47 a.m Eastern Time on Friday.。

大家不用望眼镜,只需在国外东部时间周五零晨 2 点 19 分到 5 点 47 分中间的一切時间仰头仰望星空便可见到。

Folks in South America and western Europe will see most of the eclipse, though the moon will set before it ends. People in western Asia and Oceania will miss the earlier part of the event, as the moon will not have risen yet. Those living in Africa and the Middle East won't see any of the spectacle.。


After centuries of complete lunar eclipses, the Lunar Saros cycle is moving into a series of partial lunar eclipses. The lunar eclipse on November 19, 2021 will be the longest lunar eclipse in nearly 600 years. The partial blackout on November 30, 2039 is only 2 minutes shorter.。

在经历了好多个时代的月全食以后,月球沙罗周期时间将迈入一系列月偏食。 2021年11月19日的月食将是近600年以来延迟时间最多的月偏食。 2039 年 11 月 30 日的月偏食仅节约了 2 分鐘。

A longer partial eclipse will not take place until February 8, 2669.。

時间更长的月偏食要到 2669 年 2 月 8 日才会产生。

How a lunar eclipse works — and why it turns the moon red。


Typically, the moon's white-grey face is illuminated by sunlight reflecting off its surface. But during a lunar eclipse, the moon, sun, and Earth briefly align so that our planet blocks sunlight from reaching the moon.。


A total lunar eclipse occurs when 100% of the moon is obscured by the Earth's cone-shaped shadow, known as the umbra. During a total eclipse, or near-total eclipse like this month's event, the lunar surface takes on a bloody visage.。

当月球 100% 被地球上的锥型黑影(称之为本影)挡住时,便会产生月全食。在月全食或相近此次贴近月全食的月偏食期内,月球表层展现出猩红的色调。

We have oxygen and nitrogen particles in Earth's atmosphere to thank for that light show. They're better at scattering certain shorter wavelengths of light, like blue or violet, so colors with longer wavelengths — like red, orange, or yellow — still linger. When the moon sits in Earth's shadow, those reddish colors dominate what you see.。


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