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西安疫情服务Q&A丨从西安返乡 陕西各地是什么政策?******副本_就医1-1_自定义px_2022-01-26+11_03_10.png

FC Barcelona condemn incident with fans and coach Koeman after Clasico defeat******

MADRID, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- FC Barcelona have issued a statement condemning an ugly incident which saw fans surround the car being driven by coach Ronald Koeman after his side's 2-1 defeat to Real Madrid in Sunday's 'Clasico'.

TV images show fans insulting the coach and also kicking and appearing to spit at the vehicle as he was leaving the Camp Nou Stadium after his side's fourth consecutive defeat to Real Madrid.

"FC Barcelona publicly condemns the violent and disdainful acts that our manager experienced when leaving the Camp Nou. The club will take security and disciplinary measures so that such unfortunate events do not happen again," advised the club on Twitter.

The defeat, which came after goals from David Alaba and Lucas Vazquez, leaves Barcelona ninth in the La Liga table with 15 points from nine games, six behind leaders Real Sociedad.

Barca have little time to recover from their disappointment as they travel to face Rayo Vallecano in Madrid on Wednesday in a midweek round of matches.

Sunday's defeat (and also the way Barca were tactically out-thought by Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti) has reopened the debate about Koeman's future and a defeat in the Vallecas Stadium would once again appear to make his position virtually untenable, despite the apparent lack of willing replacements.

Meanwhile Real Madrid midfielder Fede Valverde will be out of action for around 2 weeks after sustaining a knee injury after coming on as a second-half substitute in Sunday's match. Enditem

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California calls for bill to sue gun manufacturers******

California Governor Gavin Newsom said he plans to use a controversial US Supreme Court ruling on strict abortion curbs in Texas to design a law that would allow private citizens to sue some gun manufacturers, distributors and sellers.。

The Supreme Court on Friday left in effect the Texas law that enables private citizens to sue anyone who performs or assists a woman in getting an abortion after about six weeks of pregnancy.。

The Texas law was designed by the state's Republican-controlled legislature to avoid normal means of legal challenge, because rather than making state officials responsible for enforcement, it instead gave private individuals anywhere the right to sue doctors who provide abortion services in Texas and anyone else who "aids or abets" the process.。

While allowing the Texas law to remain in effect, the court ruled legal challenges may proceed against the measure, which critics say amounts to vigilante justice.。

Newsom, a Democrat, said his team will work with state Attorney General Rob Bonta and the legislature to draft a proposal in line with the Texas law that would let citizens sue manufacturers, sellers or distributors of assault weapons or ghost gun kits for at least US$10,000 per violation.。

"I am outraged by yesterday's US Supreme Court decision allowing Texas's ban on most abortion services to remain in place," Newsom said.。

"If states can now shield their laws from review by the federal courts that compare assault weapons to Swiss Army knives, then California will use that authority to protect people's lives, where Texas used it to put women in harm's way."

Liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor, in a dissent to Friday's decision, blasted the court's majority for failing to "put an end to this madness" and warned that other states could try to copy the Texas enforcement mechanism.。

President Joe Biden said he was "very concerned" by the decision to leave in place the abortion ban but said it was "encouraging" that the court allowed part of the abortion providers' lawsuit to continue.。

17 injured in Tokyo train knife and arson attack******

Seventeen people were injured in a knife and arson attack on a train in Tokyo on Sunday night, according to the police.。

The arrested suspect told investigators that he adored Batman villain character the Joker, local media reported Monday.。

Kyota Hattori, 24 years old, arrested at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder on Sunday night, was also quoted as saying that he "wanted to kill people and be given the death penalty" and that he had been "thinking from around June of being sentenced to death."

Photos and videos posted on social media from the scene showed Hattori was wearing a Joker-like costume with a green shirt and purple suit.。

He told the police he chose a limited express train bound for the city center with few stops because it is generally crowded with passengers. The suspect even expressed regret at failing to kill anyone in the attack.。

The police said that Hattori visited Tokyo's Shibuya district which was a hot spot for costumed partygoers to celebrate Halloween about two hours before the incident.。

Among the injured, a man in his 70s was seriously hurt after allegedly being stabbed by Hattori in the chest. The other 16 victims aged between their teens to their 60s sustained minor injuries including smoke inhalation.。

Hattori also allegedly set a fire on the train using lighter fluid, burning part of the fifth carriage.。

The incident took place on a 10-car train bound for Shinjuku in central Tokyo and caused panic among passengers who scrambled to escape through train windows.。

After the incident, the train stopped at a station that is not originally planned for the fast train, but the doors did not open immediately. The operator Keio Corp. said as the train did not stop at the right position, the staff, unaware of what had happened at that time, decided not to open doors to prevent passengers from falling through a gap between the train and the platform.。

Police found a knife, several plastic bottles which possibly contained lighter fluid, and an aerosol can in a train car.。

After the incident, the transport ministry asked all the railway companies in Japan to strengthen vigilance to ensure safety.。

A number of attacks on trains and station premises in the Tokyo area have occurred recently.。

A man stabbed and slashed 10 passengers in August on an Odakyu Electric Railway commuter train. Two men were stabbed on October 15 by a man at JR Ueno Station. In a separate incident, two people were injured in a Tokyo subway station in late August as a man sprayed sulfuric acid at the face of another man.。



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